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Quotation Date June 22, 2022
Valid Until July 21, 2022
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Zimbra email account to Microsoft O365 migration

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Email account and content migration

Email account migration from Zimbra mail server to Microsoft O365 server in 30 days, provides delta updates to destination mailboxes during the whole migration process.

1. Confirm all email accounts to be migrated, including size, email addresses, content and mailbox folders.
2. Determine appropriate o365 exchange licenses to relative mailboxes.
3. Perform necessary preparation for the migration.
4. O365 registration / license purchase / mailbox creation (Done by Sun-night)
5. Batch migration
6. Mailboxes verifications and delta updates
7. Domain mapping on o365 after the completion of email account migration
8. Migration related issues follow up

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Total $57,720.00