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Quotation Number QUO-20240605-1
Quotation Date June 5, 2024
Total $514,800.00

Supply, Delivery and installation of Storage Server, provide professional installation & setup service.

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1.Dell Unity XT 380F DPE 25x2.5" Dell Field Rack

Dell Unity XT 380F DPE 25x2.5" Dell Field Rack
Dell | EMC Promotion
Informational Purposes Only
Unity F 3.84TB ALL FLASH 25X2.5 SSD x 11
Unity 2X4 Port IO 10GbE OPT AF
Pair of C13/C14 cables (Highline Power) or C19/C20 cables (480/680 Lowline Power) included with DPE
Unity 380F DPE Install Kit
Parts Only Warranty 36 Months, 36 Month(s)
ProSupport with 4-Hour Onsite Service Initial, 3 Month(s)
Infrastructure Deployment Selected
No Field Deployment

1 $459,800.00$459,800.00

2. Onsite installation, deployment & test

1. Pre-Installation Planning and Preparation
Understanding Client Needs:Discuss the client's storage requirements (capacity, performance, availability, etc.).
Understand current infrastructure, existing hardware, and software.
Identify potential integration challenges.
Verify compatibility with the client's existing servers and network.
Site Preparation:Ensure the server room has adequate power, cooling, and physical space for the new SAN hardware.
Consider any cabling requirements and network configurations.
Documentation and Communication:Create a detailed installation plan with timelines and milestones.
Communicate clearly with the client about the process, potential disruptions, and any required downtime.
2. The Installation
Racking and Cabling:Install the SAN hardware into the server rack (following best practices for weight distribution and cable management).
Connect the SAN components with the appropriate cables (SAS, Fibre Channel, etc.).
Power Up and Basic Configuration:Power on the SAN hardware and perform initial configuration tasks (IP addresses, basic network settings).
Drive Configuration and RAID:Configure the drives (including partitioning and formatting) and set up RAID levels (if applicable) based on the client's storage requirements.
Connectivity Testing:Test the connection between the SAN and the client's servers.
Verify data transfer rates and overall performance.
3. Integration and Testing
SAN Integration:Integrate the new SAN into the client's existing network infrastructure.
Configure zoning to control access to the storage.
Application Compatibility:Ensure applications can access and utilize the new storage effectively.
Performance Tuning:Optimize the SAN configuration for maximum performance and efficiency based on client workload patterns.

1 $55,000.00$55,000.00
Total $514,800.00