New Kwok Wah Meat Company

Unit 1016, 10/F, Tsuen Wan Industrial Centre, Tsuen Wan, NT, HK

Quotation Number QUO-20230703-1
Quotation Date July 3, 2023
Valid Until August 2, 2023
Total $6,800.00

Shopping Website

Content / Service Qty/man day RateSub Total

1. Basic website (Basic Pages / Woo commerce setup - Product and checkout page)

- Pages including Main page, Cart Page, Order Page , Checkout Page and Product Pages
- Member's Page with delivery address setup
- Woocommerce shop setup including products, delivery method (No payment system included)

- Hosting + Maintenance fee are not included. However, a free offer for the 1st month will be given after this quotation has been confirmed. $1,000 will be charged per month for the website maintenance and hosting. (Item 1,2&3 in this quotation)

1 $3,800.00$3,800.00

2. Korea Language setup / System Email reply setup

- Set up Korean as one of the website interface languages.
- Set up system email reply for orders and member registrations.

1 $1,200.00$1,200.00

3. Facebook Login + Tag + internal search

- Allow user using Facebook login email as their login email on the website.
- Show Tags on single product item in the main page.
- Provide product search, product name, description and tags will be queried.

1 $1,800.00$1,800.00
Total $6,800.00