New Kwok Wah Meat Company

Unit 1016, 10/F, Tsuen Wan Industrial Centre, Tsuen Wan, NT, HK

Invoice Number INV-20211224-3
Invoice Date December 24, 2021
Due Date January 23, 2022
Total Due $6,800.00

NKWMEAT.COM website enhancement

Content / Service Qty/man day RateSub Total

1. Additional website menu (3.5 man days)

- Menu in mainpage (for Desktop)
- Menu in all pages, located at footer section (Mobile)
- Flexible page menu, adjustable links

3.5 $800.00$2,800.00

2. Product column cross search customer & order details (2.5 man days)

- Display the Order ID and Customer name at the product list page in column view
- Clickable Order ID hyperlink and reach specific Order page
- Clickable customer hyperlink and reach specific Customer details page
- Programming for acceptable search and update speed

2.5 $800.00$2,000.00

3. Invoice pagination (2.5 man days)

- Pagination of invoice for a fix amount of products list and apply page breaks
- Ensure T&C page will be print after page breaks
- Adjust product list font size and alignment

2.5 $800.00$2,000.00
Total Due $6,800.00