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Invoice Number INV-20220721-1
Invoice Date July 21, 2022
Due Date August 20, 2022
Total Due $9,200.00

Referring to Quotation: #20210514-1

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1. Website Revamp and Development with Content Management System (CMS) (Final Payment)

Website Layout Design
• Creative and professional design suggestion
• Web theme design (applicable to all versions)
• Inner pages layout design
• Responsive Web Design: Auto fit different images for different viewing devices (Mobile Friendly)

Website Pages
• Main page - One page design with vertical scrolling function

• Project page - Automatically assign pages for more completed projects

Each project will be shown in an individual page with unique content

• Teams and general information

Website Development
• HTML5, CSS and PHP development
• Responsive web development
• Language: English (1 Language supports by default)

Content Management System (CMS) Development
• User interface language: English
• Edit Mode

1 $9,200.00$9,200.00


Functions / CMS Module
1. Pages Management Module
- Admin can add/remove sub-pages under the top menu
- Admin can add/remove top menu

2. “HTML5” Banner Slideshow
- Admin can change the banner image
- Admin can change the duration for Image rotation

3. Information Page Module
- Admin can edit text and image of the page

4. List Group Module
- Admin can upload/remove list items
- Admin can edit the details/short description/title/thumbnail

5. Photo Album Module
- Support category
- Support text description
- Admin can upload/remove photo

6. Video Album Module
- Support category
- Support text description
- Admin can upload/remove photo

7. Download Module
- Support text file description, thumbnail, title
- Admin can upload/remove documents for others to download

8. SEO
- Admin can change the meta-fag of different pages: title, keywords, description

9. Search Function
- Users can search website content through input box

10. Contact Us Module
- Embed Google Map
- Inquiry Form
- Auto notification email to admin when there is new inquires**
- Auto reply email to applicants**
- Data can be exported to excel

1 $0.00$0.00
Total Due $9,200.00