Sun Night Solutions Ltd
Invoice Number INV-20240617-1
Invoice Date June 17, 2024
Due Date July 16, 2024
Total Due $44,000.00

Email setup and migration, support work for

Content / Service Qty/man day RateSub Total

1. 100 Exchange account migration and setup, from Pachosting to O365 (Perform urgent support on Sat and Sun, 8 Jun 2024- 9 Jun 2024)

1 $12,500.00$12,500.00

2. Remote support for migrating overseas users to o365 email services, setup outlook, connect to service and troubleshoot connectivity issues. Provide assistance and steps for setup.

5 $300.00$1,500.00

3. Provide 5*8*4 technical remote support, for outlook and 3rd party email client insulation and setup, cost relocation and creation.
12 $2,500.00$30,000.00
Total Due $44,000.00